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Trail Hero Education

Trail Hero Education is a series of classes and lectures to help attendees of Trail Hero learn new and exciting ways to off-road safely and responsibly. Classes are $10.00 each and some will contain exclusive merchandise sales at the end of the class. Elevate your off-road experience and learn from the best in the business. Sign-up by clicking the button below.

Off Road Recovery & Winching Techniques

The off-road recovery and winching techniques master class is an Independent class covering how to safely recover stuck vehicles using ropes, winches, snatch blocks, traction boards, and more. If you wheel, you have probably been stuck! This class covers entry-level requirements and setups to advance your skills to get you or your friends unstuck quickly and safely. Whether you have never done a recovery or have been doing recoveries for 20 years, it’s always important to expand your knowledge to keep yourself and others safe.


This class will cover topics such GPS, topographical maps, compass and emergency navigation. Feel prepared and confident to be able to navigate your way out of any situation.

Mental health

Come learn how to assess and proceed if you or someone you come in contact with experiences a mental health crisis. Also learn some ways to keep your mental health in good shape.

First aid*

Our teacher will cover basic first aid techniques to help anyone feel confident with a lower level injury highlighting the best practice for most common situations out on the trail.

  • Basic trauma identification
  • Bandaging techniques
  • When to move or not to move someone
  • Tourniquet use and safety
  • Fractures and splints

Fight for Moab (Blue Ribbon Coalition)*

Recently the Bureau of Land Management closed over 300 miles of off-road trails in Moab. Come learn the steps we can take to get these trails reopened and prevent future closures.

Every year thousands of acres are at risk of being shut down for off-road use. This is in part done by our government and in part a response to how our public lands are taken care of and managed. This class covers both political and personal actions that can be taken to protect our trails and land use.

War Hero to Trail Hero

The War Hero to Trail Hero program is a way to bring U.S. veterans to the best off-road event of the year and hook them up with all access passes, food, lodging, flights, and more. Our heroes give so much to protect our country, sacrificing time with their families, hobbies, sports personal gains, and even a good place to sleep. Some even give the ultimate sacrifice while others are haunted by physical or mental wounds that will never heal. Each soldier, sailor, airman, or marine, knows the risks, sacrifices, and demands that service may take, yet they bravely put on a uniform and march into battle.

This program shows Trail Hero’s appreciation for their service and sacrifice by bringing them to the event and rolling out the red carpet. Racing Anxiety heads the program working closely with Trail Hero to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the veteran guest of honor.

The WH2TH program is only made possible through donations to the program managed by Racing Anxiety. Fundraisers are performed throughout the year to raise fund for this program. Racing Anxiety is also responsible for collecting nominations, coordinating with the selected veterans, and arranging flights, hotels, transportation, and event attendance.

This year we are proud to announce that we were able to support two veterans to come to the event, a local veteran and one from out of state.

Bryan Boyd currently serves as the Safety, Health, and Environmental Program
Manager for the Veterans Health Administration’s South-Central VA Healthcare
Network, VISN 16. Prior to this position, Bryan was serving as the Chief of Safety and
Occupational Health Service for the Dayton VA Medical Center in Dayton Ohio. Prior to
joining the Department of Veterans Affairs, Bryan was serving in the United States Army
as a Helicopter Pilot and Brigade Aviation Safety Officer.

Bryan began his Army career as a Huey pilot at Fort Brag NC then transitioned to the
UH-60 Blackhawk serving in Europe, SW Asia and with deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo,
Iraq and Afghanistan. After tracking as an Aviation Safety Officer, he served in
increasing positions of responsibility from Company to Battalion and then Brigade
Safety Officer at Fort Drum New York before retiring with over 20 years of active-duty

Bryan is board-certified as a Certified Safety Professional and an affiliate of the Board of
Safety Professionals. He also holds a master’s degree in emergency and Disaster

Bryan and his wife Rachel, have two adult children and reside in Madison Mississippi.