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Our Team

Working together in order to overcome mental illness.

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Board of Directors

Tapley Mitchell

Mark Hicken

Jared Randall

Jace Poulsen

Chris Williams

Miles Kimberly

Marci Mitchell


The less you know about something the more you fear it. Our education course teaches about mental health challenges, influencing factors, actual changes in the brain and body that cause a mental health challenge, and how to mitigate risks of attacks, episodes, or cycles.


Learning the skills that are needed to overcome mental health challenges does not come easily. These are life skills that increase self discipline, awareness, fitness, purpose, spirituality, and most of all mental health. These skills can only be honed by pushing outside the comfort zone and experiencing growth.

Involvement in the Automotive Community

Nothing replaces a true human connection. Our chapters are support teams who promote involvement in the automotive industry through creating high intensity experiences, volunteer opportunities, and training events for team members.


Racing Anxiety is here to help you get behind the wheel of life. We have found freedom in driving and we want to share. Come join our team.


Tapley Mitchell’s journey began in 2010 when his friend, who silently suffered from depression and anxiety, took his own life. At the time, it was difficult for Tapley to understand why his friend had taken his life, as Tapley had never dealt with mental health issues. In 2014, Tapley experienced a traumatic event and was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSI.

A year later, while attending Utah Valley University to study Automotive Technology, Tapley was asked to join the UVU automotive race team. Initially skeptical and anxious about joining, he eventually said yes – a decision that would save his life. While on the race team, he met others who also had mental health challenges. He learned from their passion for racing, driving, and embracing life. With his outlook on life changed, he was inspired to set goals that would not be possible unless he could improve his mental health.

Tapley started Racing Anxiety in 2019. He hopes it will become a nationwide program, easily accessible and utilized by anyone facing mental health challenges. He has significant aspirations for Racing Anxiety and welcomes anyone who wants to join him in fulfilling its mission. Every person, regardless of their background, language, life experiences, gender, beliefs, race, or religion, is encouraged to join us! Whether you have a mental health challenge or you are supporting someone who is, we want and welcome you and look forward to meeting you.