Summer Summit Series 2021

This year’s summit series tour is going to be epic. With over 300 miles of off road action, 5 days of trails, and over 30,000 feet total elevation gain, we are going on the adventure of a lifetime. The agenda will be kept secret other than the launch location, time, end of the trip location and time. Everything else will be discovered along the way.

This trip has limited spaces to ensure you have the best experience, so don’t waste any time in securing your spot! Can’t wait to see you on the summit.

Each vehicle needs to be highway legal, registered, and insured. Each driver needs a valid US Driver’s license. Unregistered participants are not allowed in participating vehicles during the event.
If you do not have all of the required equipment, let us know! We may be able to get you covered for the duration of the trip.
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Equipment Requirements and Recommendations

Having the right equipment can be the difference between an amazing adventure and a dangerous situation. Each vehicle must be equipped with the required list of equipment, while the recommended equipment list is suggestion only.

Required Equipment
  • Valid US Driver’s License
  • State Registration
  • Proof of Insurance
  • First Aid Kit
  • Spare Tire
  • Spare Fuel (50 mile range min)
  • Spare Water (3 gallons per person)
  • Shovel
  • Jack
  • Recovery Straps
  • Shackles
  • 32″ Tires Minimum
  • Must be able to pass safety inspection
Recommended Equipment
  • Winch
  • Roll Cage
  • Off Road Bumpers
  • Front Locker
  • Rear Locker
  • Off Road Lights
  • Skid Plates
  • Basic Tools
  • Air compressor
  • Tire Gauge

The Summit Experience

The Summer Summit Series is an annual event that takes participants on an epic journey. From the desert lowlands to the tallest mountains we can climb, this tour represents overcoming mental health challenges. Each day will be filled with difficult challenges, team building, training, and breathtaking views.

Shared Agenda

  • Check in
    • August 9th 2021 Launch: 9:00 AM
    • Price UT Walmart Parking lot
  • Gift bag delivery
    • Each vehicle will receive a gift bag prepared by our sponsors.
    • additional prizes will be awarded throughout the event.
  • Sticker package application
    • Each vehicle will run the full sticker package for the duration of the event.
  • Food
    • Group meals will be available.
    • $5 per person per meal.
    • Only Breakfast and Dinner will be provided.
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  • Daily Training
    • Spotting signals
    • Recovery Training
    • First Aid
    • Mental Health Crisis Training
  • Camping
    • We will be spending every night in a 5 million star resort
    • If you want to stay in a hotel, please let us know by June 1st so arrangements can be made by our team. Participants are responsible for hotel charges.
  • Mission accomplished
    • The event will end Friday August 14th at 5:00 PM in Ouray Colorado.

Every day of the Summit Series Tour will include a drivers briefing, training segment, and most importantly: off road trails. This year we will be starting in Price, Utah where you will meet the group and receive your sticker package, gift bag, and first driver’s briefing.

Each day will follow a similar schedule: Breakfast will be held first (most important meal of the day right?) followed by the training for the day, a driver briefing and then dirt. After a day of trail riding and adventure, we will set up camp, have dinner, and retire for the evening.

Each day will reveal a new part of the journey. Only the necessary information will be given to the drivers, keeping you on your toes for the duration of the trip. Each day is going to be epic.

At the end of the trip we will have a final debrief where the last of our prizes and awards will be handed out. The event will close at 5:00 PM on Friday the 14th of August in Ouray, Colorado. You’ll have the rest of the weekend to explore the beautiful mountains of Colorado, or take your time to make your way home. It is common for participants to do an additional day.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the form below.

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