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Our Story

his story started in 2009 when the founder of Racing Anxiety had a friend who silently 

suffered from depression and anxiety, and who took his own life the next year. At the time it was difficult for him to understand, having never dealt with mental illness. In 2014 he experienced a traumatic event and was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and a PTSI. While attending Utah Valley University to study Automotive Technology, he was asked to join the UVU automotive race team. At first he was skeptical and anxious about joining, but eventually he made the decision that would later save his life. 

While on the race team, he met others who also had mental illnesses. He learned from their passion for racing, driving, and experiencing life. With his outlook on life changed, he was inspired to set a few goals that would not be possible unless his mental health improved.

Once he knew he wanted to help others, it gave him a new meaning to life. While those challenges are still there, he no longer lets them keep him from living life. He has created a course that will help others find their purpose and create goals to add value and meaning to their lives. Helping other people find enjoyment and purpose in life is now his life goal.